'Like surfing on asphalt'! That's the way Polaris describes it's new, 2015 Slingshot. The newly released three wheeler is a street machine that blurs the line between an automobile and a motorcycle.

Aimed at both thrill seekers and those who crave a bit more safety than a standard cycle, the Slingshot combines Batmobille looking body panels around a tube-framed chassis. It's powered by a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine delivering 173 hp via rear wheel drive. The transmission is a five gear manual.

Though the Slingshot is driven like a car, a motorcycle license is required, along with a helmet. The Polaris base price is $19,999. The SL model adds a wind screen, larger wheels, even an entertainment system. The price for the SL: $23,999.

The Slingshot will go on sale this fall.