The Mighty Mini

You've probably noticed that I've been absent for the past week.  That's because I hauled the Mighty Mini down to Bryan, Texas, for our third and final Divisional event of the year last weekend.  Then I hauled it down to San Antonio to spend the week with my almost-89-year-old mother.  She'll be 89 next month.  I beat a hasty retreat back to Shreveport yesterday (Saturday) so I could run a local autocross event today (Sunday)

I would invite you to strap on a helmet; hop in; cinch up your seatbelt good and tight; and hang on for the ride of your life.

First of all, here's my best run last Saturday at the Texas A&M Riverside Campus:

Now here's my best Sunday run at the same site with a different course:

And finally, I would invite you to ride along with me at today's local event here on the Coleman Street parking lot in Bossier City: