Imagine this: You're going down the road smoking a cigarette and listening to the radio. You toss said cigarette out the window. Then, out of nowhere, a cop pulls you over for littering and gives you a full body cavity search.

Seem a bit excessive and a complete violation of your rights as a person? Yup. And this is exactly what happened just outside of Dallas in July this year.

Ashley Dobbs and her aunt Angel Dobbs are suing female state trooper Kelley Helleson, who administered the searches with the same latex glove (who was suspended on December 19 for her actions), and trooper David Farrell.

The searches took place near Irving in July after someone allegedly threw a cigarette from the window of their vehicle.

The Dobbs' lawyer Scott Palmer told the Daily Mail, "To search a human being in this matter — it's mind boggling, I talked to law enforcement throughout Texas and Oklahoma. No one's ever heard of such a ridiculous search. This isn't supposed to happen and should never happen again."

You can watch the video of the search below.