Addressing the audience at the Iowa State Fair, Cruz said that grassroots conservatives would take the country back from President Obama and Democrats in much the way they did from President Jimmy Carter more than three decades ago.

“All across this country, people are waking up,” said Cruz, who many believe is  considering a 2016 presidential bid. “And they’re waking up to bring America back to the principles we have been founded on. There is a better way than the path we are on.”

The malaise that President Jimmy Carter spoke about in 1980 seems to have some parallels in 2014 by a President who has often seemed disinterested in the day to day duties of the presidency. That said, where's the next Ronald Reagan? Is there a Reagan like figure who can unify the Republicans, Tea Party, and Independents?. Moreover, will that be enough for the Republicans to recapture the White House?.

To regain the majority in Washington, Cruz said conservatives needed to champion economic growth and contrast their proposals with Obama’s economic record; protect constitutional liberties, from First Amendment protections of speech to Fourth Amendment protections of privacy; and stand up more to foreign leaders like President Vladimir Putin of Russia.