It was like Christmas. My daughter called. “Would you and Dad like to
play in the Horseshoe's Texas Hold em Tournament”. Silence my heart!
I can picture myself walking up to the Texas Hold em table. And there they
are, the competition. Nine other people who would be trying to knock me
out of the tournament. Fat chance I said to myself. I have card sense. I can play
with the best of them. I've been watching Texas Hold 'em Tournaments on television
and Annie Duke is my idol. Bring 'em on!
When I snapped too I heard my husband saying, “yea, that would be great fun.
Thanks for thinking of us”. As he hung up I found myself staring at him.
I don't care if he's my husband, he's going down too. Now what am I going
to wear? You have to look precious if you want to win, that's my motto.
The big day of the Texas Hold em Tournament finally came. There we
were standing in the sign up line. “Please don't put my husband at the same
table with me, I'd hate to knock him out of the tournament” I said to the
person registering everyone. He kinda smirked at me but I ignored it. I was
stoked! I'm telling you I am ready to take 'em on! I can do this.
There were three tables of 10 players in the tournament. $5,000. at stake, with
the winnings going to the charity of your choice. Didn't matter that you give the
money away. The glory is in the win!
Well to make a long story short I made it through the first table and moved on
to the second table, where they beat me up so bad I can still feel the pain.
Oh, how humiliating.
My husband? He made the final table and finished number six, which was
really good.
In closing I only have one thing to say......Deal 'em!
Suzy Ryan – The Woo
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