According to ESPN Outside the Lines, Johnny Manziel, signed autographs for money after the Discover BCS National Championship Game in Florida in early January and again in Houston.

Drew Tieman, who is an autograph broker in Miami had the Texas A&M quarterback sign about 1,100 items in Miami. Other brokers said he also signed around 300 items during the same time period and was paid their going rate of $7,500 although no sources have said they saw Manziel actually take money.

College athletes are known to sign things now and then, but people who work in the industry say with Manziel's signature on this many items indicates that he didn't just sign a few things for fans.

Sean Morgan, who owns a sports marketing and memorabilia company said, "With college guys, you'll often see different color pens, varying penmanship, autographs signed in different places on a photo, with Johnny, it's all the same."

There is an ongoing investigation to determine if any of the autographs violate NCAA by-laws. Manziel could be ruled ineligible if the NCAA determines that he violated Bylaw, which is accepting money for promoting or advertising the commercial sale of a product or service.