Three teenagers indicted for raping an elderly woman are scheduled to be arraigned today in Mansfield. Ladandrick Jones, 18, Michael Campbell, 18, and Emmanuel Bogan, 19, all of Mansfield have been charged with beating and raping a 76-year-old woman inside her home.

The incident happened June 2oth in the 1400 block of Regina Street.  The boys remain in the DeSoto Detention Center, where they're being held on bonds totally more than one and half million dollars each.

Jones, Campbell and Bogan are all charged with aggravated rape, burglary and second-degree battery.

Arraignment for all three is set for Wednesday in DeSoto District Court.  If  convicted the teens could face life in prison.

Police say the woman told them she was unloading her car after arriving at her home at around 10 pm when a man grabbed her from behind and wrestled her into her house, where the physical assault took place.

Authorities say she blacked out, and after re-gaining consciousness drove herself to the police station to report the crime.