I’m one for wanting to  get people to pay attention to something important. And, I’m also one for getting to dance like a maniac in random places.

But one American city wants to spend taxpayer money, to help develop flash mobs!

But, why?!

The city of Austin, Texas plans to spend up to $5,000 (which was given to the city from the federal government) on coming up with a flash mob, in hopes to catch people’s attention, or even get people dancing.

Christine Randolph, the head choreographer behind all of this hopes that her mob will raise awareness on how people will be prepared in wake of another national tragedy. Randolph states, “Flash mobs are really popular right now, where people all of a sudden break out into a dance routine…”

One Austin local Nick Johnston says, “It’s will catch the public’s eye, and they’ll wonder what this is all about…”

The flash mob plans to perform their dance routine to a song that the city of Austin copyrighted “This Is My Plan.”

Would you want your tax dollars being spent on this?

Oh and by the way, this is the last year Austin will receive money from the government, for their city Homeland Security department.

The dancers are from the Austin City Dance Institute, here’s an example of what they do: