World’s Worst Thief Steals Fake Sandwiches
Times are tough. People need money… and food. Sadly, this means that sometimes the ones who are desperate resort to thievery as the only way out. This guy is no exception. To bad for him, his crime is a story that is sure to brighten up your day. All he wanted was a sandwich…
One Suspected Gas Thief In Custody, One On The Lam
Detectives arrested 30-year old Lance Garett Ellis of Texarkana, Arkansas today on a charge of theft of motor vehicle fuel. Detectives determined Ellis was the suspect driving the Chevrolet pickup truck which was located at Ellis’ residence.
Police Need Help Identifying Thief
Shreveport police need help identifying a suspect. The man is wanted for stealing display items at the Home Depot stores on Pines Road and on Bert Kouns. At the Pines Road location, he was seen getting into a white vehicle, which had been located and the registered owner identified
A Victim? Or A Criminal? You Decide.
A Bossier City teenager who tried unsuccessfully to throw investigators off his trail has been arrested in connection with multiple vehicle burglaries. 17-year old William Frank Bias of Bossier City faces burglary charges after detectives with the Property Crimes Unit arrested him for committing sev…

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