Texans Love Their Trucks and So Do Texas Crooks
Texas is full of pickup trucks. If a major car company makes it, a Texan either owns one or has tested one.  But new crime stats from the Texas Department of Public Safety show that pickup trucks are also the top vehicles stolen in the Lone Star State.
2 People Shot at Lone Star College in Houston (UPDATED)
Update 5:30 p.m. (Eastern): Three people in total were taken to the hospital, including one in critical condition.
Update 2:55: One shooting victim's name is Jody Neal, according to his uncle and sister, who were interviewed at the scene.
Update 2:50: "The police believe the danger has been mitig…
Texas State Troopers in Hot Water for Roadside Cavity Search [VIDEO]
Imagine this: You're going down the road smoking a cigarette and listening to the radio. You toss said cigarette out the window. Then, out of nowhere, a cop pulls you over for littering and gives you a full body cavity search.
Seem a bit excessive and a complete violation of your rights as a per…

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