southern hills

Shreveport Power Outage
Parts of Shreveport's Southern Hills neighborhood is without power this morning.  About 10:00, police got a call that a truck had pulled down some power lines at Bert Kouns and Wallace Lake Road.  Officers were dispatched to control traffic at the bu…
Another Major Power Outage In SW Shreveport
Around 4:15 p.m. this afternoon the Shreveport Police Department began receiving calls regarding an apparent power outage in and around the Southern Hills area that left numerous traffic control signals malfunctioning or inoperable.  At its height, SWEPCO reported 7,100 residential and bus…
Major Power Outage Affects Much Of Southwest Shreveport
How much damage can a milar balloon cause if caught up in a power line? A lot!
About 3 o-clock this afternoon a milar balloon got caught in some power lines on Kingston Road that carry 34-thousand volts of electricity – and a near-by power station on Williamson Way was knocked out as …
Free Swimming this Sunday
Shreveport's municipal swimming pools don't open for another week but you can swim for two hours this Sunday afternoon at the Southern Hills pool on Bert Kouns.