Should Mardi Gras Parades Roll Through Bossier Again? [AUDIO]
Ten years ago, Bossier City leaders decided they did not want to be part of the parade route for Mardi Gras anymore.  Part of the problem was security along the route.  The parades rolled from Pierre Bossier Mall down Airline Drive to Barksdale Boulevard and then over the Shreveport Barksd…
Good Luck Grads!
Another big week for seniors. It's graduation time. Here’s the list of local ceremonies:
Flooding Will Boost Food Prices
Expect to start seeing higher prices for food that comes to our state on barges.  Though the Mississippi River has been opened back up at Natchez, barge traffic is still moving slowly.  The coast guard says one vessel at a time will be allowed to pass...
Countdown To April 18th, Tax Day
Remember when your mother scolded you for running up the stairs two steps at a time? "Slow down," she would say. "You're going to trip and hurt yourself." Taking it step by step will get you there almost as quickly with much less chance of a painful fall.
As u…
Seven Tax Deductions That Could Get You Audited
Taxes are due one week from today, on Monday, April 18th.  Before you file, here are seven things you shouldn't even THINK about deducting.
#1)  Your Landline Telephone. Even if you only use it for work, the IRS says the first hard-wired phone in your home is always considered a person…

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