Does Marriage Make Men Healthier?
“It makes even less sense when you realize that being single is bad for your health.”
My friend Kim made this statement during a heated group discussion about men and marriage a few weeks ago.
Top Heart-Clogging Cities
This is sad when you look at the report in Prevention Magazine which lists the 8 most artery-clogging cities in America.  Half of the cities are in Louisiana and Texas.
Get AHA-certified Courses In One Place
Take your required American Heart Association-certified courses in one place.  Become certified with the BPCC Workforce Development and Continuing Education in a 5-course seminar. The courses offered include:
Pot Smokers Are Less Likely to Be Obese Than Non-Smokers
People who smoke pot once a week are about 25 percent less likely to be obese than non-smokers.
According to a study by French researchers, marijuana smokers have a 16 percent rate of obeseity, whereas those who don’t partake enjoy a rate of obesity between 22 and 25 percent.
Women Gain Weight After Marriage, Men After Divorce
Getting hitched results in women putting on the pounds, whereas the male waistline is more likely to expand after a divorce.
Researchers from Ohio State University discovered this discrepancy after analyzing a study on the effects marital events had on 10,000 people between 1986 and 2008.

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