gas prices

Gas Prices Hit $9.99 in Philadelphia
Mr. Durango Weeks pulled into a gas station just outside of Philadelphia, and just after filling his tank he looked up and noticed that the sign read $9.99 a gallon.
So, what's up with this?
Countries Debating Taxing Motorists Based on How Much They Drive
Picture the government placing a GPS on your car and tracking every mile you drive. Now, imagine being charged a tax based on those miles, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency rating and the time of day you drove. Such a system is being explored in car-clogged regions of Europe and Asia. E…
Confidence in U.S. Government Drops to 35 Year Low
With public attitudes fueled by continued economic problems, rising gas prices, vigorous opposition to the war in Afghanistan, and and little hope for political progress - confidence in the U.S. system of government has dropped to the lowest point in more than 35 years...