Fourth of July…Safety, Safety, Safety
I know it's been said before, but it bears SAFE this July 4th! Local police and firefighters have tips on what you need to do to keep from being hurt, or hurting others, while you're celebrating. 
Police Sgt. Bill Goodin says police officers will be working hard to make …
Fireworks…NOT Firearms!
We touched on it a bit last week...but it's worthy of a reminder as we head into New Year's. Shreveport police say...celebrate with fireworks, not firearms. Police stress that it's against the law to discharge any type of firearm in the city limits...
It’s Time for Fireworks Again
Fireworks are already being sold and allowed to be discharged in Shreveport.  That started at noon on December 15th.  In Bossier City, fireworks can't be sold or discharged for the upcoming holiday until Friday, the 23rd.  You can shoot off fireworks in Shreveport&…
Captains Fireworks Show to Go On.
Despite the city-wide ban on the sale and use of Class-C fireworks, the professional fireworks show planned for Saturday night's Shreveport/Bossier Captains baseball game will go on.  Here's a news release we received today from the team's front office:

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