Skateboarding Santa Dog Is Here to Save Christmas
Does it seem like no matter how much cognac you put in your eggnog, you just can't seem to get into the Christmas spirit? Maybe you should try watching this video. It's significantly more cute, with and causes zero hangover. We just want to thank the random stranger in Japan who decided to…
Dog Faithfully Stays By Missing Two-Year Old’s Side
A trip to find a Christmas tree turned into a potential disaster for young Peyton Myrick.
The two-year-old's grandfather had taken the boy to find the perfect tree on a 300 acre plot of family land in Clover, South Carolina when they got separated and, suddenly, Peyton was nowhere to b…
Organizers Want Your Help to Bring Dog Park to Shreveport
Dog lovers in Shreveport want your support. They have a petition circulating to get signatures showing support for the park along the bank of the Red River in South Shreveport.  Organizers hope this will convince Mayor Cedric Glover to support the complex at Hamel Memorial Park.
Dogs Get Lavish $5,000 Wedding Bash
Most of us love our pets to death, and have no problem lavishing attention upon them when they are good. Sometimes in the winter, if we happen to live in a cold place, we might even knit a sweater for them (especially the little ones). These days, if your dog is acting a bit strange, you can even ta…

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