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Would You Rather Lose Your Wallet or Your Smartphone?
For many decades, losing your wallet was clearly the worst. Not only were you suddenly without means to pay for anything, but you had been displaced of much of your personal information and were facing hours and hours of dealing with credit card companies and the DMV. Fun!
These days, a smartphone al…
Do You Agree with the School Lunch Changes?
Calorie limits are in place in all Caddo Schools and some parents and youngsters are not happy about the rules. Deborah Harris is the Child Nutrition Director for Caddo Schools. She tells us implementing the new plan “has been challenging.”
Disney World to Start Serving Booze
Despite the tradition of Walt Disney's refusal to allow his beloved theme park to serve spirits, as Disney World's Fantasyland expands this fall, the Magic Kingdom's menu will also see an expansion: wine and beer will be available for adult patrons to drink.

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