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Have Americans Become Less Polite?
We might like to think of ourselves as a nice and polite people, but apparently some real morons don’t know what they are talking about.
A new poll found that 76 percent of the population feel that America has developed a much ruder attitude and lost its civility. Who the heck asked t…
Are You in Favor of School Vouchers? [POLL]
Gov. Bobby Jindal's effort to grant students in troubled public schools private school vouchers moved closer to reaching the goal with approval by a Senate Committee.
After several hours of debate, the Education Committee voted 5-1 to send SB597 to the full Senate for consideration. Supporters say it…
Are You Still Listening to Rush Limbaugh?
If you watch the video, you will see that Sandra Fluke made some foolish statements. Fluke argues that contraception can cost a female law student $3,000 over the course of her degree.
Law school lasts three years so that would bring the out-of-pocket cost of contraception to $1,000 a year.  If one w…
Do You Think Drew Brees Will Stay With The Saints?
Drew Brees wants a long-term extension with the New Orleans Saints completed before off season training begins in just a few days.
He's also concerned about how New Orleans is being portrayed in the NFL's bounty investigation, and New Orleans is concerned that Brees might not practice or pl…

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