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SaveOnBrew.Com, LLC., the world's only beer price-search engine, announced the release of their 2012 Super Bowl Beer infographic.

"We really didn't know what we'd find. We thought the numbers would be interesting and turned our creative team loose. They came back with the beer cycle of life, which just seemed to fit perfectly," said Mark Davidson, founder and COO.

Greg Thibodeaux, co-founder and CEO, continued "we've become known as the go-to source for consumer level beer-pricing information and saw a great opportunity to meld our unique perspective with beer consumed on Super Bowl Sunday."

Among other things, the infographic shows:

  • 50 million cases of beer will be consumed.
  • SaveOnBrew estimates consumers could save more than a billion dollars using their service.
  • A break-down of the most popular domestic and craft brews.
  • That all that beer consumption will require the use of more than 2 billion gallons of water to flush toilets.

The data is based only on beer purchased through grocery, liquor, and convenience stores. Beer consumed "on-premises" (bars, restaurants, the stadium) is not included. SaveOnBrew's estimates are based on Nielsen data of about 50 million cases (112.5 million gallons) consumed in the week before and after the Super Bowl. However the Beer Institute, the lobby arm of the industry, estimates game-day consumption at about 3% of the yearly total -- or about 325 million gallons.

SaveOnBrew provides consumers a platform to save significantly on their Super Bowl beer purchases. "It's smart to price-shop beer. There can be vast differences within small geographic areas," said Thibodeaux.

SaveOnBrew estimates it could save cash-strapped consumers more than a billion dollars. "With SaveOnBrew, you just put in your zip code and all of the deals in your neighborhood pop up. We even have maps for the geographically challenged. Sometimes you see a deal on a beer you wouldn't have tried if it wasn't on sale."

SaveOnBrew.Com uses proprietary technology to scour the country for advertised beer deals. They currently poll 50,000 convenience, liquor, and grocery stores and, at any given moment, have between 250 - and 300 thousand advertised live beer deals on their site. "People are really struggling t o make ends meet. We're here to help them save money on the world's most widely consumed adult beverage." is the world's only beer price-search engine. For further information, please contact us at (713) 412-9057.