The Super Bowl isn't the only big game on Sunday. Plenty of people will be watching to see the other big competition: which Super Bowl ad is the best. Some of the corporate giants are giving us a sneak peak at the ads.

1. The Mercedes spot has already gotten 5 million views on Supermodel Kate Upton wears a low cut tank top as she watches football players washing her car.

2. Volkswagen's spot show people who have starred in videos online singing ``GET HAPPY'' with Reggae singer Jimmy Cliff.

3. Gildan Gildan Activewear is a newcomer to the Super Bowl ad arena, but in this one a man wakes up dazed with handcuffs around his wrist.

4. The Kraft Mio ad features ``30 ROCK'' star Tracy Morgan who appears to say a bleeped out profanity to introduce Mio's sports drink drops, Mio Fit.

5. In the Toyota ad, ``BIG BANG THEORY'' star Kaley Cuoco grants wishes to a peppy song.