Beginning December 1st, singers, magicians, musicians, dancers, jugglers and other performance artists can apply to perform at specified locations in downtown Shreveport. The Downtown Development Authority, working with District B City Councilman Jeff Everson and the City of Shreveport, put together a Street Performer Ordinance, which is the first of its kind in downtown Shreveport.   

“This is an ordinance whose time had come,” says District B Councilmember Jeff Everson. “We worked with the DDA to get the ordinance written and the City Council was unanimous in its support. I’m eager to see people sign up to perform.” 

Liz Swaine, DDA Executive Director, concurs. “Everyone has been to a city where guitar players serenade on street corners and the crowd around the magician’s table is four-deep. It adds a real vibrancy to a downtown district and we’re thrilled the city was on board with the change. We see it as another reason to enjoy our downtown.” 

The ordinance, which was patterned after successful ordinances in Massachusetts and California, allow performance artists to perform at selected locations downtown from 10am-10pm daily. Initially, locations will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If multiple performers ask for the same location, a lottery will be used to give out prime spots beginning in the second year. 

The ordinance, street performer application and general rules are available at

In a nutshell:

  • A Performance Permit will be required. DDA will handle issuing and reviewing the permits. Permits are $30 per performer.
  • The Performance Permit must be visible at all times during performances.
  • Soliciting money is NOT ALLOWED. Artists can have boxes or open musical cases, but cannot ask for money.
  • The performer will have a location assigned by the DDA. 
  • Performances will be acoustic only, no boom-boxes or speakers.
  • Performers cannot block pedestrian passage.
  • Performers breaking the law can be asked to leave by DDA or arrested by SPD.