This year's State Fair of Louisiana wasn't without its issues. More drug arrests were made, a young woman was injured on one of the rides, and there were a couple of nasty weather days. Things even had to shut down early yesterday evening. But all in all, General Manager Chris Giordano says the turnout was pretty good.

Giordano claims the ride injury was "a freak accident." He says he believes neither the ride operator nor 20-year-old Klarissa Graves was at fault, though a State Fire Marshal investigation will determine the outcome. He does tell me he's hearing that Graves is doing better today, and that she'll recover fully. "I'm hoping and praying for that," he says.

Will this latest ride incident, the second in as many years, hurt future State Fair attendance? "I don't really think so," says Giordano. "Some people might would think twice about riding rides, but for the most part, those rides are very safe."

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