Today is the spring equinox, also known as the beginning of the spring season.  That means summer is just around the corner!

Spring is more associated with the temperature, the weather, climate and outdoor activities, but AccuWeather Meteorologist Maggie Johnson explained it is much simpler than that.

"The equator is perpendicular to the sunshine," explained Johnson.  "So we are looking at equal parts daylight and darkness."

For us, this happened at 6:02 a.m., the exact moment Johnson explained.  From today until June 21st, the summer solstice, we will have more daylight each day.

Speaking of the weather, right now we are at about our normal temperature, which should be 71 degrees.  The average temperature will rise to 74 degrees by the end of the month.

But in our part of the country, allergies is more commonly associated with spring than some of the other perks from all the pollen everywhere