Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler has named six finalists for Shreveport Fire Chief.

Thirty-six candidates applied for the position, 35 were approved to move to the next level, and 27 took the required Fire Chief Exam to qualify.

"We are moving forward with due diligence in the selection of the City of Shreveport's next fire chief," said Mayor Tyler in a news release. "I have narrowed the original group of highly-qualified and skilled applicants down to those finalists I believe possess the greatest ability to move the organization forward in a positive direction and ensure its future success."

The minimum State Civil Service requirements for qualifying are as follows:

  • High school diploma
  • 10 years of full-time service with full-time, paid fire department
  • Three years on the fire line
  • At least a 75% pass rate on the Fire Chief Exam

Mayor Tyler will interview the six candidates to discuss their vision for the organization and figure out who will be best for the key leadership position. A decision is expected by the end of February.

"This appointment is of critical importance in ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens and visitors," said Mayor Tyler. "We will ensure we have the right person for the job."

Here's the list of finalists and their credentials:


Photo: Shreveport Mayor's Office

Michael A. Cook
Current title: (Retired) Battalion Chief
Years of service: 30
Education: bachelor in organizational management; associate in nursing; and associated in EMT paramedic.





Photo: Shreveport Mayor's Office

Kerry Foster
Current title: Assistant Chief/Shift Commander
Years of service: 37 years
Education: bachelor in organizational management; associate in fire science and associate in safety and hazardous materials technology.





Photo: Shreveport Mayor's Office

Louis Johnson
Current title: Chief of Training/Academy Director
Years of Service: 32
Education: bachelor in organization management and associate in fire service management.





Photo: Shreveport Mayor's Office

Ronald Jones
Current title: Deputy Fire Chief
Years of service: 38
Education: bachelor in organizational management; associate in business marketing; and associate of business management.





Photo: Shreveport Mayor's Office

Fredrick Sanders

Current title: Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief
Years of service: 27
Education: bachelor in business administration, concentration organization management and associate of science in general studies.




Photo: Shreveport Mayor's Office

Scott Wolverton

Current title: Chief of Special Operations and Safety - Fire Administration
Years of service: 22
Education: bachelor of organizational management; associate of in EMT-paramedic.