Updated by John Lee @ 5:00pm

The ramp from I-220 to eastbound I-20 remains closed while the apples are being off-loaded to another truck.  However, the ramp to westbound I-20 is now open.  Motorists wanting to go east from I-220 can take the westbound ramp to Industrial Drive, exit, turn left under I-20, the turn left again to get back onto I-20 eastbound.  The driver of the 18-wheeler was not hurt but he was issued a citation for careless operation.

Angela's original post follows:

News happening now... Thursday 2:30pm (12-15-11)

The eastbound on ramp to I-20 from I-220 is  closed due to a single vehicle rollover crash involving an 18 wheeler with a full load of apples.

The driver lost control of his rig as he was traveling on the ramp resulting in his load shifting causing the rig to rollover onto its side. The driver was shaken up but not injured.

A heavy duty wrecker has been dispatched to the scene to upright the rig and haul it away. The load of apples did not spill as a result of the crash.