As the presidential race heats up and the ads just keep getting nastier, people in Shreveport are speaking out about who should win in November - President Obama, or Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Political talk show hosts and columnists seem to think this presidential race is one of the most important races in history. And the outcome will affect American life for years to come. In fact, the most recent Rasmussen Poll shows 44 percent of likely voters casting the ballot for President Obama, and 45 percent picking Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

KEEL News thought such an important issue should be put to the public, so we went to the Walmart on Pines Road and asked some people in the parking lot what they think about the race for the White House. And here's what you told us.

"Oh gosh...I think it's too much and it's too hard for people to understand because there's so much media thrown at us all the time, and it's confusing, it really is. It's totally confusing.

Others seem to think a change is needed. And still some think President Obama is trying to do the right thing.

"Really, I don't know. I don't understand it. They're all for themselves," said one woman who was strolling her grocery buggy to her car.

Another woman said, "I know this sounds bad, with everything that's going on, and with everything that's  happening with the way that President Obama is doing things, I really don't want President Obama as the President. But, he says he's gonna fix everything, so I don't know."

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