81st Street School in Shreveport has a class of angels - seven children with Autism. And thanks to Townsquare Media, the school  has received its largest single donation ever to help teach these special children.

Managers from all six radio stations presented Principal Johnson and her teachers with a $2,000 check to be used to help children with Autism. The money is from a Townsquare Media fundraising event - the Little Black Dress Party.

Principal Johnson says 81st Street School specializes in early childhood education.

 Debbie Foster  teaches a class of seven students, and she specializes in early intervention for Autistic children. 

 The Centers for Disease Control website says  one in 110 children on average are affected by Autism.

The disorder is often characterized by delays in how a child plays, learns, speaks, and acts. Such delays could be a sign of Autism, which is  why early childhood intervention is so important.

Principal Johnson told KEEL News, Miss Foster often takes pictures of the students during special field trips and events and makes books for each child, and that takes a lot of ink.

Miss Foster says the extra money could be used to purchase more supplies for the children.