A two-day sick out staged by dozens of solid waste workers has trash collections running a full day behind schedule.

City leaders hope crews will be able to catch up with the routes by the end of the day Wednesday.

Some 32 workers called in sick on Tuesday, a number that dropped from the 38 who reported being ill on Monday. Despite the reduced workforce, Department of Public Works Director Stan Harris said 24 trucks were deployed Tuesday and all of the households missed during Monday’s regular pickups had their bins emptied. The 60 householdsscheduled for bulk-item collections on Tuesday were all accommodated.

Citizens who normally have their trash picked up on Tuesday will likely see trucks rolling through their neighborhoods on Wednesday, as crews work to catch up. 

The employees who called in sick apparently are upset about their pay and the aging city equipment. 

``As Mayor, it’s my responsibility to make sure that the needs of our citizens are met daily and I know they expect their trash to be picked up on time,’’ Mayor Cedric Glover said. ``So, I applaud Stan Harris and his team for implementing the necessary contingencies needed to keep our system of collecting trash as close to on-schedule as possible.’ 

According to the City of Shreveport’s personnel rules and regulations, employees out for three (3) consecutive days may be required to provide documentation to substantiate their absence.