LSU Health Shreveport photo

What started out as a dream last year has now become a reality.  

A group of LSU Health Shreveport medical students has launched an international research journal published by students for students.  The inaugural issue of the American Medical Student Research Journal (AMSRJ) is now available online.  The first issue contains the work of LSU Health Shreveport students as well as students from almost a dozen other universities.  It also features a forward by Dr, Jeffrey Drazen, the Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

"It is an exciting day for our team of student editors," said AMSRJ Editor-in-Chief Nadine Kaskas.  "Watching the efforts of a small group of Shreveport medical students grow to a team of well over 100 with the addition of 39 faculty advisors, 76 reviewers and reviewers-in-training, and an International Marketing Committee has been an incredible experience for us"

LSU Health Shreveport says there's only a handful of publications like this one, with others being published at such prestigious medical schools as Harvard, University of North Carolina, and Michigan State.