Russian model maker Ilia Shvetsov has never been to downtown Shreveport, but you wouldn't know it. The 27-year-old, who lives in a small town outside St. Petersburg, Russia, has just completed a 1-2,000 scale model of Shreveport's downtown.

The model is scale right down to the tips fo the Holy Trinity and the Sportran bus terminal tenting. Shvetsov cut and pasted thick paper and cardboard for eight hours a day for 44 days to create Shreveport's historic downtown.
Shvetsov is a scale model maker by trade. He works in a design studio.
For 20 years, he has made paper models of cars, ships, airplaines, buildings and downtowns. Shvetsov picked Shreveport for a project because the compactness of downtown and the variety of architecture and building heights.