The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services has released its Most Wanted poster of parents who owe some big bucks in back child support payments. And five of them have known addresses in Shreveport and Bossier City. Take a look at their photos and information, and contact local authorities if you know where any of them are now:

  • 1

    Jeremy Bogan Sanford

    Last Known Address: 2175 Stockwell Road, Apt. 724, Bossier City 71111

    DOB: 08/01/75

    Occupation: Construction

    Number of Children: One

    Owes: $31,596.11

  • 2

    Larry W. Shafer

    Last Known Address: 321 Kelly Street, Bossier City 71111

    DOB: 03/16/65

    Occupation: Trailer Equipment Co.

    Number of Children: One

    Owes: $11,733.62

  • 3

    George B. Kitchura

    Last Known Address: 388 Flournoy Lucas Road, Shreveport 71106

    DOB: 02/15/58

    Occupation: Hollywood Casino

    Number of Children: Two

    Owes: $77,319.32

  • 4

    Reginald Lee

    Last Known Address: 511 Egan Street, Shreveport 71101

    DOB: 04/15/69

    Occupation: Unknown

    Number of Children: One

    Owes: $42,605.15

  • 5

    Corey Damon Richards

    Last Known Address: 6414 Willard Avenue, Shreveport 71106

    DOB: 02/23/74

    Occupation: Barber

    Number of Children: One

    Owes: $11,983.36