Local reaction is coming in about yesterday's Boston Marathon bombings. St. Mark's teacher Sandy Triplett is a member of the Sunrise Triathlon Club. She tells KEEL News she ran in the 100th Anniversary Boston Marathon in 1996, but she doesn't do marathons anymore, so she didn't participate in this year's race. But several other members of the club did.

"My husband had gotten some emails from them on Facebook and saw that everybody was fine," Triplett says. "Everybody from our Sunrise Club either finished before or after all the explosions."

Some of them had family members who made the trip with them, but Triplett says as far as she knows, none of them were injured. "However, a friend of mine's daughter is a lawyer in Boston," she says. "She works in the building that the explosion was in front of." She says emergency officials were telling everyone not to leave the building. And they were all concerned it was another 9-11-type terrorist attack.

As for reaction at the school, the students she teaches haven't really been talking about it. But emails have been sent out to parents saying teachers and administrators will refrain from talking about the tragedy with the younger students. But they will respond as appropriate to the questions and expressed needs of the older students.

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