A Shreveport bondsman and his cousin find themselves on the wrong side of the law, accused of beating up a man they picked up for not making a payment. Gregory Johnson has told Caddo sheriff's deputies that he was picked up by Darren Cowthorn and another man, identified as Valandor Cawthorn, for not making a $400 payment. On the way to jail, Johnson was allegedly beaten up by Cawthorn -- and Cowthorn did nothing to stop it. When deputies saw Johnson's injuries, they told Cowthorn that his prisoner needed a medical evaluation before he could be booked...so he left and took Johnson home. Johnson was treated for his injuries the following day. Both accused men turned themselves in to deputies. Cawthorn was charged with second-degree battery, and Cowthorn for being an accessory.

Valandor Cawthorn, CCC booking photo