What's going on?

Jim Taliaferro Tells Us Why He's Running for Mayor
Shreveport has another name in the hat for the race for the Mayor's office.
Jim Taliaferro is running for the job. Taliaferro has resigned from his job as Executive Director of Crimestoppers so he can focus 100% on the run for Mayor.
SPD Wants You to Buckle Up
Shreveport police are taking part in the 2018 "Click It or Ticket" Campaign and you are urged to buckled up. Officers will be on the lookout for motorists not using seat belts.
Student Opens Fire at South Texas High School
An active shooting today at a Texas High School. A spokesperson for the Sante Fe school district confirms an unspecified number of people have been wounded in a shooting at Sante Fe High School which is just outside of Galveston.
Councilman Willie Bradford Wants Help from the Sheriff and State
Shreveport City Councilman Willie Bradford says we must do something to battle crime in our community. Several recent murders (including the shooting death of a young child) have prompted the councilman to reach out for help. Bradford has written a letter to State Senator Greg Tarver urging him to c…