The sequester is set to take effect on Friday, but should Americans be afraid of it's devastating effects?  It will cut tens of billions of dollars from the federal budget, somewhat haphazardly, to reduce the deficit.  The White House says it will be disastrous to the economy, affect travel, and hurt the military.  But Republicans and folks like Rush Limbaugh say that spending will actually be higher after the sequester compared to last year's budget, so the cuts can't be that bad.

Of course, we must all remember, this was a compromise designed by the White House and agreed to by everyone.  The sequester and the fiscal cliff were supposed to be the budget battle to end all budget battles.  And it has been just as successful as the war to end all wars.  This compromise was supposed to be so toxic that it would force Congress and the White House to come together on a plan.

After looking at a few fact-checking websites from non-partisan sources, do you think the sequester will actually be bad for America?