Shelby Patrick is headed home. Here's the message posted Sunday by her family:

"Shelby and my sister

have packed up their belongings in preparation for their departure tomorrow. We still don't know what time she will be discharged. I think they are trying to keep her as long as they can . . . they've all said how much they will miss her. It's definitely time for our Louisiana girl to leave Texas. I've heard everything is bigger in Texas, but when it comes to Shelby coming home, Texas has nothing on how BIG she has been missed and how much we all have PRAISED GOD for HIM just being HIM.
Shelby was talking about possibly playing basketball. That girl just can't keep still."

The 9-year-old Shreveport girl nearly drowned at a local country club swimming pool while attending a party with some friends. She has been making a remarkable recovery, but will still need rehab 3 times a week once she's home.

Her Mom adds: "Please continue to Praise GOD for his healing miracle and pray for restoration without medication."