Today is a day that affects all drivers here in the great state of Louisiana.

Seven new laws for all drivers go into effect today, August 1. I'd hate for you to get a ticket without knowing the new laws, so I figured I'd help you out by posting them all right here!

Read carefully, and drive safe!

  • 1

    School Zone Cell Phone Ban

    If you find yourself in a school zone, don't you dare touch that phone! You cannot use your phone whatsoever while driving through a school zone. This includes texting, calling, reading, gaming, drawing, Siri-ing, etc. School zone = NO PHONE.

  • 2

    Louisiana Litter Law Updates

    If you smoke, don't throw out your cigarettes or cigarette butts! This is now considered litter and you will be fined heavily. The fine for a first offense increases to $300 with 8 hours of community service in a litter abatement program, second offense to $700 with 16 hours of litter abatement, and a third and subsequent offense to $1,500 with 80 hours of service in a litter abatement program.

  • 3

    Six Year Driver’s License Renewal

    You now have six years to renew your driver's license, instead of four. With a fee increase to cover the extension. Fee increases vary by class of license, area of residence, and age of license applicant.

  • 4

    Inspection Exemptions for Certain Trailers

    All single-axle, two-wheeled trailers and boat trailers are exempt from state inspection requirements and have the obligation to bear a valid safety inspection certificate/sticker.

  • 5

    Vehicle Inspections Can be Conducted in Rain

    I'm excited about this one! It seems every time I make plans to get my car inspected, it's raining cats and dogs. Well now -- rain or shine -- your car can be inspected. As long as the conditions are safe, you are good to go!

  • 6

    Increased Penalties for Fatigued Drivers in Fatal Crashes

    If you're tired, pull over! If you are driving and cause a wreck that leads to the death of a human being, due to falling asleep at the wheel, you will receive increased penalties. Also, motorists involved in a fatality crash may also be charged with Negligent Homicide.

  • 7

    Vehicular Homicide classified as a crime of violence

    If you're drunk, DO NOT DRIVE. Nothing new there; just don't do it.

    The act of Vehicular Homicide (causing the death of a person due to a crash where the driver was impaired) will now be classified as a crime of violence when the offender’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.20 grams percent. The amended classification allows for increased penalties for impaired drivers involved in fatality crashes.