We're getting geared up for a new season of Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off tonight! I'm pretty excited about the line-up, but I'm especially thrilled that my favorite comedian, Bill Engvall, is part of the cast.

In past seasons, the comedians and newsy folks haven't done very well. Last season, D.L. Hughley stayed on a lot longer than he should have. But I have high hopes for Mr. Engvall. He could be the one to bring the funny AND the technique to the dance floor. If he does a Dorkfish-themed routine, we can at least get some big laughs from it. After tonight's show, we should be able to tell whether the competitors have the potential to move forward. So I'll save my predictions for later. But Engvall does have Emma Slater as a partner. She's been part of the Dancing Troupe and is a brilliant coreographer.

A few of my other favorites ahead of this first show are Christina Milian, Jack Osbourne, Leah Rimini and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren (because of her role in "Showgirls," I think she might actually be able to go far in this contest.) Check out the rest of the cast HERE.

One major question people are asking ahead of the new season is...how is the voting going to work this time around? There's no Tuesday night results show anymore. Here's your answer. During the live show every Monday night, the stars will perform their numbers. Then the fans get to vote once the show is over.

The next week, the stars will perform again, and the judges will give each couple a score. Those scores will be added to your votes from the previous week, and the couple with the lowest combined score will be eliminated toward the end of that week's episode. CLICK HERE for other most-asked questions.