Shreveport State Representative Alan Seabaugh decided not to run for Mary Landrieu's senate seat, instead putting his support behind Congressman Bill Cassidy.

The Republican state lawmaker decided to not run because he did not want to divide the Republican ticket even further.

"While I was really looking forward to the race and I gave it a lot of thought, I kept going back to the fact that I felt that another Republican getting into the race would do more to harm our chances of defeating Mary Landrieu than it would to help," said the Shreveport Republican.

Seabaugh had questioned whether Cassidy was a true conservative earlier this year, but changed his mind after the government shutdown debate.

"He didn't give in to the big spenders in Washington and held the line with the conservatives in voting and doing everything he could to try to defund Obamacare and not raise the debt ceiling," explained Seabaugh.

The state lawmaker hopes the Republicans will rally behind Cassidy.

"Head to head, Congressman Cassidy against Landrieu, he's got an excellent shot at retiring her from the U.S. Senate, which is what Louisiana needs to do," said Seabaugh.