What do you want to see in Sci-Port's future? That's what the staffers want to know. And a Community Steering Survey is set up on the science center's website for that very purpose.

Sci-Port spokeswoman Karen Wissing says the survey will be up until a good number of responses come in. She tells KEEL News she's scanned a few of those.

"People are wanting to be a little bit more hands-on with our activities, building more things," Wissing says. "A lot of people want more astronomy-related programs in our Space Dome, which a lot of people actually don't know that it's included with admission to the center." She also says a lot of folks want more IMAX movies like you'd see at Tinseltown, but that's not "doable."

What are people liking? One of the big things Wissing is hearing is that people love that Counter Culture is inside the science center. She says it just introduced homemade soups, and they've been selling out every weekend. "And who doesn't love a Humphrey?" Wissing says.

Another thing visitors want to see more of is the traveling exhibits, like the Titanic Exhibition and Bodies Revealed, both of which got quite large crowds. You can hear more about that here...

Here's a link to Sci-Port's website, if you want to take the survey. It's easy to find...right on the main page.