The sincerity of All Knowing, All Compassionate Ma Ha Rushee fell under question, which "wounded me to the heart," lamented America's Truth Detector.

The consternation he was suffering was couched in a presentation of Hurricane Sandy facts that might have been less than complete.

Said Limbaugh:

“…watching Fox last week (I forget what day it was) and I saw the graphic go by that talked about that cold snap and all of the people who still didn't have heat or electricity in the Northeast and other things because Hurricane Sandy, I have to tell you: I really was surprised.”


He addressed that in an earlier broadcast; he was not “being sarcastic” when he said the thought the problem was solved. Herein rested the question of information available to him being less than complete.

“Since the election, I hadn't seen one story about the Sandy recovery. What I did see was they had the concert to fix all that. …Bruce Springsteen in there. Governor Cuomo…on television saying that never before in his life had he seen a faster, more thorough and complete response to an emergency disaster than what he had seen from President Obama.”


Further exacerbating his position, Limbaugh recalled:

“ the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, we saw the ongoing misery for months afterward. The news anchors were all over the place in New Orleans. NBC set up a bureau (not a New Orleans bureau, but a Katrina bureau) and Fox was down there. It went on for months.”

It seems that the information available here to fore Rush observed about the relief concert, other aid and reports from the area indicated that power was restored and recovery from Sandy was largely well in hand. But then he caught wind of something else:

“…another story today. …a local story. I don't know what you people in the Northeast were being told in your media. I'm just telling you that there was nothing about your circumstance in the national media until last week when we all learned that many of you still don't have electricity and that you're freezing in the cold snap.  …your local media may be covering this every day, but outside of New York nobody's seeing it.”

El Rushbo extended a conciliatory and encouraging tone to Sandy victims shivering in the cold, wondering if someone else might also be left in the cold and truly surprised:

“Everybody else in the country is surprised that you are still suffering. …Because people outside of your region have not been told like the nation was told about the ongoing suffering in New Orleans. …There hasn't been anything about you since the election. I don't know if the president knows or not. Does the president know that the repairs aren't getting done? I would think he knows. Maybe nobody's telling him.”