A firestorm of discussion ignited this week following President Obama's issuance of executive orders to ban assault-style weapon and high-capacity magazines, leading those who keep and bear arms to question the constitutionality of the Commander-in-Chief's decision.

Rush Limbaugh peered through the conflagration, smoke and mirrors in a search for clarity of motive.

Limbaugh let loose against President Obama:

So here we have this authoritarian president and his acolytes in the media who now want us to think that he is deserving of special treatment. His kids are more important than your kids are. And when you think that your kids should have the same kind of protection his do -- or at least the same type of armed protection -- you somehow are being unreasonable. You somehow are suffering from grandiosity.

In substantiation of this observation, Rush offered the example of children delivering the latest ad message for the Obama regime:

The Future Children Project released a new ad. It was an ad for Obama featuring several unidentified kids singing a song about Obama. Remember all these "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" songs? Kids immediately started paying homage to Dear Leader shortly after he was immaculated. To say that kids are not exploited and used?

Limbaugh then drew parallels to how foreign regimes indoctrinate children to turn against their parents.

"Mom and dad, you're destroying our country. But we're gonna turn to Barack Obama to save it! We're going to turn to our government! Barack Obama, our Dear Leader, and our government will save our world and our planet and our future from you, mom and dad, because we're blaming you for destroying it. Supporters of Barack Obama write the lyrics, gather the kids, record the song, and have them singing it."

Rush's final analysis might echo the thoughts of many.

"I read the excerpt from Paul Waldman, Prospect.org: Who do you people think you are, thinking your kids are more important than the president's," said Limbaugh. "Your kids don’t count. Obama’s do."