Recently, Rush Limbaugh expressed his not-so-delighted opinion about "modern journalism." According to Limbaugh, we have lost tons of information throughout the years; we have become very misinformed.

When the news is broadcast, how can it be done correctly when the basic information is not right?

"The American public is woefully ignorant of things going on in America today," says Limbaugh. "The American public is woefully uneducated. The American public is embarrassingly untold, embarrassingly uninformed -- and that's because of the terrible state of journalism."

Limbaugh notes that because of the hastiness to be the "first to be on the scene," mistakes are made in the way the stories are written and reported.

"But in my mind, the problem is not how they get details of breaking stores wrong because of their desire to be first with the news," he explains.

The bottom line is this: How can we be considered knowledgeable when the basic information we receive from our most trusted news sources isn't even right?