Last week on his show, Rush had a 13-year old caller from Wilmington, Indiana. The teen discussed how he had made it extremely clear to himself that global warming was, indeed, a hoax.

The whole call had liberals on fire as it spread all weekend throughout the Internet.

The young man also mentioned why he believes the liberals do not recognize it: because they do not want to. Rush rewarded the young caller with an iPad.

"You would not believe how on fire that story is out there on the Web and has been all weekend," said Limbaugh. "I didn't know it, until people started sending me all the different links to various blogs and websites. They were all outraged, and they were all really worried about this kid and how they were gonna get hold of him and get his mind right."

Rush further explained why this is causing such a fuss in the left field.

"They don't expose themselves to anything counter to what they believe. They're not interested in intellectual inquiry," said Limbaugh. "Global warming is simply the latest bean sprout of their political ideology, and, as such, it's undeniable. There can't be any alternative."