With the plethora of voices available to help shape the debate on the right to own a gun, it would seem this newly coined label of "low information voter" might be the politically correct way of asking "what rock have you been living under."

Recently, Rush fielded a call from Don in Green Bay, observing a public service announcement produced by the Milwaukee sheriff, David Clarke, Jr.

"CALLER Don:  ...Sheriff David … is urging citizens to take a gun safety course, (saying) calling 911 and waiting due to layoffs and officers on furlough is no longer an option, and you can beg for mercy from a criminal or robber, but the police may not be able to get there soon enough to help you.  And I just wanted to say when it comes to listening to an African-American liberal Democratic president or a conservative African-American Milwaukee sheriff department's representative, I'll take the sheriff over the president any day of the week.”

Indeed, had America’s Truth Detector heard of the sheriff's exhortation. Whereupon, Rush took ownership of the torch borne by Don and expanded the subject to how the present administration is being looked upon as having solutions to all the problems plaguing the citizenry of the United States:

"...look at the number of people who...really think that Barack Obama is the guy to design a health care system. That Barack Obama is the guy to set up the rules on abortion and contraceptives. That Barack Obama is the guy who ought to tell football players how they should play the game and tell the league what it should do."

The Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies lamented that "... what boggles my mind..." is:

"...the number of people who blindly put faith in the notion that a guy who has never treated a patient, has never been involved in the invention, the R&D, the marketing, the bringing to market, creation of a drug, who has never run a hospital, who has never run an emergency room, never been anywhere near running a business, is somehow the nation's foremost authority on all these things."

As any professor worth their salt is wont, Rush folded his illustration of low information voters lack of vision back into Dan from Green Bay's original point concerning the gun control debate and second amendment rights.

"Milwaukee sheriff, David Clarke Jr., who's African-American, released a radio ad urging Milwaukee area residents to learn how to handle firearms so that they can defend themselves while waiting for police. ... saying personal safety is "no longer a spectator sport." "

With respect to the gun control debate, Rush amplified Sheriff Clarke's instruction with a statement from the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs Association president Roy Felber  that could be construed as advise to go hide under a rock: it sounds like a call to vigilantism.

El Rushbo shuts the door on the question that low information voters and living under a rock might be synonymous by pointing out Milwaukee's castle doctrine says that someone who uses deadly force against an unlawful intruder to their business, car or home is presumed to have acted reasonably. Rush puts a seal on caller Don's observation saying, "I understand the notion, particularly in the minds of low-information people, that government is the beginning and end of everything.

And finally locks up the notion referencing the low information segment as such just might be the annoying politically correct designation of the more pointed question of  what rock have you been under and that assertion might also be applicable in the debate over gun control:

"Government is where the protectors are.  Government is there to make sure that everybody's treated with fairness and that everybody's nice.  ...that it's Barack Obama who knows more about health care than the guy that runs the American Medical Association.  ...knows more about pharmaceuticals than all the CEOs and all the scientists at all the drug companies.  Yes, of course it is patently absurd, but, sadly, it's what people believe."


Watch Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. talk about self-defense