Commander in Chief of the Dittohead Nation is expressing sadness, it seems, for saying yet once more, "See? I told you so!" From his vantage point, El Rushbo observes that there is a melting of resistance to the Obama onslaught on the pursuit of liberty (and freedom) in the United States.

“…I really don't like being a 'see, I told you so,'" says Limbaugh. "I mean… it used to be somewhat unique. Now it's not difficult at all. It is…when relevant, …to remind you of things…that you may have forgotten, …that I've said. Here's a story that leads into my point.”

All Seeing, All Knowing Maha Rushee is referencing Ohio’s Republican governor John Kasich “Cave(ing) On Obamacare Showing How Hard it is to Beat Big Government.”

Rush recaps and outlines the facts of the event concerning this republican governor’s departure from his conservative principles for what appears to be the sake of his re-election to the post.

While Rush notes that in itself is distressing, the bigger picture is that yet again, America’s Truth Detector clearly peals out: “See, I Told You So” (even if it) is not specifically that governors like (Kasich) were going to cave, but that resistance to Obamacare was going to become practically nil.”

The Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies sharply defines his point by drawing upon the benevolence of Father Christmas:

“It's a direct outcome of the 2012 election. It is Santa Claus trumping freedom. …Santa Claus beats individual liberty. …There's no upside to opposing anything that's happening in the country right now.  And it's gonna get even worse as issues come up and more Republicans throw in the towel.”

A dittohead cadet rang in with an observation. Rush seized the input and with aplomb applied it to the object lesson: the melting resistance (of conservatives) to the advancing of the Obama administration ideals (and of low information voters.)

“You want to know, if I got you right, why the Republicans keep giving away their core beliefs? This is the nature of the beast, …of the battle that we face," Limbaugh says. "We need an accompanying mind-set not just to win the minds and hearts of these people (low information voters) like you're talking about. We've gotta also amp up to defeat the Democrat Party!”