Rush Limbaugh, heard weekdays from 11 til 2 on NewsRadio 710 KEEL, isn't pleased with a CNN headline he saw: GOP plans to impeach Obama. Limbaugh says, 'It's a lie!'

'I was watching CNN and I saw a headline, ‘GOP Wants to Impeach Obama.’ I looked at that, and I said, ‘No, no, that headline is a lie.’ So I turned on the sound. And that headline went with a story about Obama trying to goad the GOP into impeaching him. The graphic, the headline on screen, said nothing about Obama. It just said, ‘GOP Wants to Impeach Obama.'

Rush went on to say that the misleading headline is part of a strategy to further derail the Republican Party by making them look like they’re seeking Obama’s ouster even though party leaders have repeatedly insisted there are no such plans.

'It’s a strategy,' says Rush. 'There is no journalism anymore. There’s only advocacy and support for the Democrat agenda, disguised as the news.'