It's no small secret that Apple gadgets are favored by Rush Limbaugh. However, the technology giant is fraught with some difficulties that might be signaling a Blue Screen of Death-style (BSOD) operating system malady.

Says Limbaugh:

“I know many of you get irritated with me for talking about Apple and my iPhone and all that stuff that I love, but there is, I think, an object lesson here. It has nothing to do with Apple, except as they have become an enemy. Much like anybody else who is successful has become the enemy. Plus, it's also the ribald competition of capitalism.”


Now, while it’s most likely El Rushbo’s tongue is clamped firmly in his cheek as he unleashes this salvo regarding the free market, he draws down on some interesting points that might be the cause of Apple tanking.

“…Wall Street stock market is really a futures game. ...analysts base their guidance on what they think the future's going to be. And Apple gave its predictions, called guidance, for the next quarter and it didn't make anybody happy.”


He further explains the coring of Apple in what might considered an oxymoron:

“Apple is the new IBM. Everybody hated IBM. Everybody hates Apple because they're the biggest and most popular and everybody loves them. So everybody hates them.”


In evidence, he references the court battle with Samsung in which the two companies accuse each other of stealing patents. During this teaching moment from the Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advance Conservative Studies, a student seeks clarification on just why now, everybody hates Apple and wants to juice it.

“…one example, the tech guys have been waiting for Apple to put what's called an NFC chip in the phone, near field communication. …is what you would make mobile payments with. Apple has refused to put an NFC chip in, and the venom and the hatred every time a new phone comes out that it doesn't have the NFC chip in it. These snarky tech guys absolutely blow gaskets and talk about how out of touch Apple is and how obstinate and arrogant, condescending, and how they deserve a comeuppance and so forth.”


Rush points back to the student’s own insight in the matter.

“…Like you said, part of our culture is we build people up and rip them to shreds. Tear them down. Sports stars and celebrities, like you said, it happens. And it happens with companies, too. You have analysts on Wall Street who may be pushing the stock down to sell short.”


In wrapping up this segment of suspected worms in Apple’s future, Rush observes that

“Wall Street analysts got together and their consensus guess on the number of iPhones sold over the Christmas quarter was 50 million, between 50 and 52 million. Apple sold about 48 million. It's crisis panic time.”


People are selling their Apple stock because of what the analysts say. And the caveat is that the media gets into it.

“So even though you might resent me talking about Apple, what we're talking about here is media, and how media is able to influence things, particularly with people that don't know what's going on.”