Today, Rush Limbaugh shared a call from "a real live hero": Larry, a former Navy Seal, who called into the show. It's a testament to what makes this the greatest nation on the planet.

After losing my right leg and part of my right arm and fingers and disfigured on my face, I come to a country that, after lying in a bed at Walter Reed, I'm lying there, and I'm listening to the gentleman who was next to me. He was a lieutenant in the Army. He was all screwed up, too.

I'm with my dad, and he does the best he can. You know, I can't drive or anything now. There's a lot of new things I have to learn, but the reason for my call today wasn't to whine about my issues. When I came back from that part of the world and trying to do the right thing and honor my commitment... I took the same oath of office as this president took, and apparently only one of us got it.

I was next to many, many, many wonderful young men, certainly younger than me. I'm 33 years old. The only thing I've ever known as work in my life has been the Marine Corps and being a SEAL, and I thank God I had the opportunity to do so. But as you come out of this and you come out of all the medications they have in you, what they can't stop is the feeling that you are a different person now. A lot of things in your life have to change now.

Larry goes on to praise Limbaugh for helping him recover, saying, "But you were there with me every day, every step of the way, and made me think about something other than myself. And for that, sir, I'll tell you: You are my hero."

"Let me first thank you," Limbaugh replied. "I profoundly appreciate what you're saying."

Rush also shared that he started a New Year's Resolution: to maintain a lower profile. It's a stretch to believe such could be maintained from his position in the captain's chair of the EIB network.