Minden Congressman John Fleming doesn't think there will be a deal in place on the upcoming sequester cuts.  He tells KEEL News that he voted against the original bill, Budget Control Act of 2011, because he knew a day like today would come where Republicans and Democrats cannot come together with a plan to avert the sequester spending cuts.

Fleming also noted that these cuts won't actually reduce federal spending.

"Overall, the spending is very small," Fleming stated.  "In fact, all it does is slow down the increase."

However, the Congressman was optimistic about how Barksdale Air Force Base would fair in the sequester cuts.

"Barksdale seems to be coming out fine with this," Fleming said.  "We don't expect much, maybe a slowdown in training, but not a lot of cuts should hit us directly."

Parts of the military could see a furlough because the Pentagon does not have a sequester spending plan in place.